Just seeing what is next for Ess to create. Ess Tha Realist dealing with everyday Life and Issues …LIFE BEYOND ISSUES… Plus NEW ARTISTS

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4 Responses to About

  1. omegetymon says:

    Sometimes a person is so upset that they go to the service and train to become a participant in a War. That problem that they have is still with them so they become a Medal of Honor “winner”… by TAKING THEIR LIFE at the most opportune moment. NOBODY, except GOD knows this and their Family GETS PAID. Through the “lie” created by HOW a person TOOK their OWN life. You ARE right, it ISN’T for us to judge… Or understand without “walking” that FURLONG in shoes that are probably TOO BIG for US.
    I LIKE YOUR STYLE. Welcome to the “world” of telling it like.

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