WE WANT TO SEE U GROW…stop being so small minded . We have nothing to loose. This is why its so important to read…and find out for urself what to do by the Ga Law. Know your Law in your State….by going to the library and read up on it. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER….you can Educate Yourself, whether your a graduate from HS or not. There is NO Excuse…its too early to be Cocky off of just youtube videos. U need Investments…if its like that then there are some relatives would invest in you. What I experienced when I interviewed some Celebs…they were busy. But, I got their agent …call like 3 times because, they are really busy all over the world…and they did come through to be interviewed with people on their shows…


About DJ esstharealist

I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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