Monique from the Moni’que Show is doing live vids with her husband speaking on being healthy…I’m glad that I found her through twitter. She is looking GREAT! I’m so proud of Mo’ because, she represents me. She is and has been so strong as a christian lady. I just adore her and Chaka khan on what they have done with their weight that I’m struggling with. It really was awful and I know it hurted the way the blogs etc.. talked about her about different things she had accomplished and it made her Stronger. Plus, I have noticed her growth spiritually. Two or three years ago when we went to the Mo’nique Show and didn’t know who was the guess going to be. John Amos was one, and it was so touching when they was talking about Good Times, tears started rolling down my cheeks. Because, the way that he was wrote off , you can tell that they was just finding out as well. I understood when Mrs Evans read that note of her husband getting killed in the automobil accidented …IT WAS REAL! The same way my father was killed. That went all over me so, I had began to go into a hard cry right there at the show. I don’t know if others saw me other than my friends…but, Mo’ looked off in the audience as if she heard me crying then, she turned back around to look at John as he was talking.  I knew there was a spiritual connection with Mo and I.


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I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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