When we lived in College Park/Camp Creek area for 4 years, we used to order our favorite meals from there until one day too many, they delivered a bad salad to me. Eggs were old;  Ham tasted sour, and did not give me what I really asked for. Smiley is the lady who answers the phone. Three years ago , she came to me with a problem and we prayed. Here it is seveal years later and she came up against me. When I called her to tell her there was a problem, she responded “ok”. But, she seemed not to take my word. So, my husband went down to the place to get something done. Smiley asked him what happed as if I had never explained. I had told her that I would take another salad as we gave the other one back. But, please don’t forget the dressing. She said that’s on u with that. Well, I told her I don’t have any salad dressing. I had used what I had of what she had given me. I’m not eating a dry salad. Oh well, she gave my husband another one BUT, it was not fresh either and the driver would not come up to the door like the other drivers when he delivers. Why can’t Businesses value their loyal customers?  Plus, they have Fast delivery! BEST PIZZA~2818 CAMPCREEK PKWY~NEAR THE AIRPORT~COLLEGE PARK, GA 30337~404*765*3390~SMILEY is the lady who takes the Orders.


About DJ esstharealist

I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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