Really? April Fool….well what I am a day late…just had to get that out. LOL..I hope everyone is doing great. Just sitting here blogging tonight. Thinking about the stories of people who had won the lotto. It makes you think, this was on 20/20. I have several people that I spoke to about this Mega Millions and the answer was the same as mine …CLAIMING IT AND PRAYING. You know what only ONE PERSON, can win this. WOW, what would you do? I know some people personally on how they acted when they did get some money. And they wonder why that the person they helped is treating them so bad. I watch people and there reactions, and their question is ‘WHY IS GOD LETTING ME GO THROUGH THIS” ? I do see why …money CHANGES people. It’s ok to want to better yourself. But, their character and disposition is off track. It is hard to trust anyone at times if you have money or had a hard life and finally got it. Some people flip and go nuts. That is why I had to think long and hard about this certain person that I wanted and lead to help but, God had already warned me for the signs. What I mean is I have access to promote people in different ways and this will not always mean volunteer. Well, what I am saying and suggestions you can’t help everyone who is in your family or friends. Just do what you can do for them and move on. Some of them family and friends will really benefit you and help each other. But, not all, you got to have a discerning spirit on whom to trust even if your have known them for ever.


About DJ esstharealist

I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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