I was introduced to blogs in the 90’s and I have been blogging off and on since then. This is a great tool and exposure for your self publish stories of all kind. First of all don’t worry about being all fancy at the beginning. Just choose your tamplate theme that they have to offer on your free blogs and get started. Just Write, it’s fun for those whom have a lot on their minds and need to share or get it off your chest like me. I have so much to talk about till it is NOT funny LOL. But, now I want to talk about family, what does that really mean? I am talking about blood relatives all the way down to the tenth cousin. People speak to me about their families all the time. Why is there so much BULL SHIT in families? Some pretend they are close and others are ?????? Why do they hurt one another? I have seen with my own eyeballs on how someone’s niece can brainwash their other niece’s against another family member. They had been close all this time before the other person was Born! Then, they wonder why they are having so much Bad Luck.  Now, they run back to the person that they have helped most of their lives. Wow, I just don’t get it. But, really is funny to me when you see some family members grow up together right, and later, later, much later, you find out that they can’t stand your guts, Amazing! They not happy for you but, you can be happy for them. They hear and see what they want but, their little clique’s they see everything they do and comment on what ever…years ago at first, it brought me to tears. Then, God started showing me things on how people were and is. Nothing changed, so you just move on and kill them with kindness. And some you just have to let go, they will come around when they see the situation for themselves, even if you tried to talk to them, just let it go.


About DJ esstharealist

I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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