This was written 5 years ago….

Hello Everyone. I’m Paula Cook Thompson; a.k.a Essensepaula, a mother that is concerned about my 19 year old son; a high school dropout. My son & I have gone through so much in the past. He is a victim of a broken home & parents who went through a divorce. He was taken from me when he was 14 years old. Family Children’s Services became his parents for 3 years. I didn’t know that the situation of society’s divorced parents affected him so. In fact, we were ALL affected!!!! I always felt that an unhealthy relationship is not healthy for the children. So, I felt it was best to split up and be a blessing to someone else. Just because parents can’t stay together, doesn’t mean that they are bad people. Sometimes situations have to be redirected. Some people don’t like the results that come from being redirected; this causes you to be stripped of some things or someone and it turns out to be the best all the way around. There are so many families that are being stripped everyday and it’s up to you on how to choose to handle the situation. This Journal of Conversations will, I believe, help you to dig deep into your souls to see where you are standing. As I have Conversations with high school dropouts, I began to realize that they are confused and really don’t know which way to go. They have dreams, but they are still listening to everyone else telling them what to do. These young adults are trying to find a way out or escape from something. They are Mentally Drained; can’t seem to hold a steady job or a relationship. Their hope for society is gone…….but, IT’S NOT!!!!! Now, it’s up to us as parents to come together to help support one another during these difficult times. We will have to start by taking one day at a time. We CANNOT and MUST NOT live our dreams through our children. This is not fair!!!! We know what that feels like and some of us don’t. All we can do for now is offer our time, love and support; starting by asking our young adults: 1) What is YOUR passion? 2) How can we assist you to get on your feet? Then, when we show interest & concern, our young adults will feel like they are someone special and important. Please email me your stories so we can help by being a part of the solution for this problem. Email:

The Results he is 24 now married for 2 years to a wonderful wife with 2 children and now we have a stronger bond.


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I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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