Hello Everyone!!!!! THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!! I’m essensepaula; which means ˜The Best of Paula™. I am 46 years old; an only child. I was born and raised in Atlanta , Ga. My passion is being a writer, and writing screen plays for movies, children stories, autobiographies, novels, articles, documentaries, researched info, plus lyrics for songs from country, r&b, rap, contemporary gospel, and the blues. I enjoy meditating, skating, bike riding, water painting, swimming, playing basketball, reading and great movies. I am a loner, but, I enjoy my 3 children (ages; son 24, daughters 11 and 16) and my wonderful husband. I also enjoy helping people by volunteering once a month with cancer patients and homeless families. After a long, long day, I mellow down with some jazz and classical music. My MENTORS ARE: Oprah Winfrey, Chaka Khan and many, many more. Someday I would love to do an album with Quincy Jones.
MY EXPERIENCE: Radio Talk Show Host, Motivative Speaker, Producer for our Business Broadcast on Internet Radio, met and took a picture with Jasmine Guy. Interviewed Shasha the Diva, with KISS 104FM, Independent Films, SIMBOYA FILMS in the ATL. and many, many more. I do voice overs, commercials, and acting. Founder & Ceo of an OUT REACH named Blessed Hands Enterprises, Self “Supporting, Self- Governed. We do fundraisers to give back into the communities for our young men from the ages of 12-18 and 18-26 by helping them to stay motivated. I have plenty of Names and Ideas for the Movie and Music Industry.Image


About DJ esstharealist

I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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