We can see Ego got in the way, he did not follow instructions. Why he can’t be found? If you didn’t do anything wrong why not stand. Zimmerman wanted to be a hero so bad. All he had to do was listen. Every Leader still got to listen to someone. He and the chief of Florida  have the same scared spirit…and respect to return in their same position. How secure does the community feel now? The Leaders have ran out. Does this mean that they just don’t care and just taking up this space for the money. Zimmerman just didn’t think this through. He was color blinded…saw one color, it didn’t matter what the description was of the others who did the break ins all he knew that they was Black, was they small, short, fat, skinny or tall. Now, to be in the position of a neighborhood watch as a Leader. Needed to be more responsible on how to think things out, how to think like the criminals by beating them at their own game since he majored in criminal justice. This is a lesson to be learned. Many of us think we can do what everyone else does and get away with it but, that is not so.

Reading some of the responses on this case said that he was a white hispanic, was that an Error? Question, if it was another nationality would he have use the same judgement to shoot them too. Was it out of fear for his life to shoot Trayvon not knowing that it was going to kill him. Why didn’t he just searched him for weapons? He didn’t notice that Trayvon just came from the store with candy on him. Then, Zimmerman says SELF DEFENSE!  Of what?…the young man did what he was told to do. Of course not… we wasn’t there but, when the young man as the story was told that he made a phone called to his girl friend and she could hear what went on …on the other end of the call, hearing her boyfriend crying out for help.

Where do we go from here without SETTING IT OFF WITH NO VIOLENCE ? We don’t need America going to War over someone not thinking things out before they act. Justice will be serve!!!! We have reacted by speaking out, signing petitions, now pray and believe that God is in control ….its not going to bring Trayvon back but, we have shown and proven that we are not standing for this. God don’t need help with his work, its in God’s hands now. Trust in God he will touch the chief and Zimmerman and there WILL BE JUSTICE!!!!!!!


About DJ esstharealist

I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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