My Life Time Dear friend Jackie Stripling played the character “BIG MAMA” in “LIVING FAT”. My husband and I had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. That walk she had and the hipness of that character. Jackie was a hip grandmother and was in turned with what was going on in the world. She still had the the characteristics of an older lady. I told jackie the character she played as a mediator, that was her in her real life of her family. Jackie told me that she had never saw it like that. Well, when you’re playing this part you can’t. People who is watching can see a lot further. Plus, I’m her Life Time friend and we have see a lot together. I wish her the best. I told her that I was sooo proud of her.


About DJ esstharealist

I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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