Review on Oprah’s Interview with Whitney Houston

I have seen the Interview before. It was an eye opener Interview as usual. Oprah asked great questions and Whitney answered them wonderfully!!!! You see how they was saying when they got up and prayed how they connected in the spirit…that is what I have been saying all along while people is alive you can connect with them. Also, when they pass on too. This can happen with anyone who is very close to God. But, everyone sometimes can’t or don’t want to connect like that. What an experience…I learned a lot, seen a lot when she spoke on many occasions. Everyone was concerned for Whitney and the world could see things too. No one perfect. Well, here we go. There is more to see and learn. Whitney’s spirit continue to live on. Her music is sooooo Amazing!!!! Seven years all she wanted to do was live normal. I hear that all the time. Most of us who doesn’t live like they do or have. Continue to count your blessing.


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I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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2 Responses to Review on Oprah’s Interview with Whitney Houston

  1. Randy Thompson says:

    I haven’t yet seen the interview. I was hoping to catch it but, I guess I had just gotten too busy…maybe they’ll show it again, eventually. They had broadcasted her funeral services on CNN last saturday. I had missed that as well. Been too busy with working overtime and sleeping in late. I had heard that some of Whitney’s fans were not too happy about having her service in NEW JERSEY and they had wanted her funeral to be were all the fans could I guess see her, I think, like they had done MICHEAL JACKSON’S funeral.

  2. Yes Randy, we watched it …4 hours very nice funeral

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