That means a lot when it came from Don Cornelius!!! Was he thinking? I know I wasn’t either at the time that suicide spirit came upon me. ITS POWERFUL!!! but, not as powerful as God!!! So, you mean to tell me to solve your problem is to blow your dam brains out. That is the message that he has given to our children and others. I found out when you allow god bring you home. You do enter the kingdom of heavens. And who ever get that money that didn’t mean him or her no good. It would be like a hole in their pocket. Wow!!! money does that to you. Make you act and become a monster? They really had some bad blood. He was sick for a long time. Then, his soon to be ex wife wanted to take out a 300, 000 dollars life Inc. policy really? Woooooow!!!! so, you know a friend of mines told me when you sign that paper and it says if you ever commit suicide your family will not get a dime. He made sure of that at the age of 75!!! I know we not perfect and I’m not the one to judge. I just had to write this because, I grew up most of my life watching this show, from the first day it started till it ended…hoping that one day I would have been on there or to be on there. But, he still get the props tho….I don’t know maybe he said a prayer …only God knows. We just speculating here. My best friend and I are still so pissed about this and its nothing we can do about it. Man, I see if he had gotten shot or something. I just felt something wasn’t right with him for a long time. All of it came out in the open. Why us as blacks do this to ourselves when we die. This crazy news about us when we die. I’m just going to continue to pray for peace over his soul and his family. Things are really getting worst and having money doesn’t make it any better unless your spirit is in the right place or your mind. We got to come together in prayer because, there are more things are going to happen that will knock our socks off….be fair and take care….


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I'm a Realist/Activist/Novelist/Pioneer Speaking about life beyond issues; Exploring new talent!!!!
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6 Responses to LOVE/PEACE/AND SOUL

  1. Purely.. Kay says:

    I am still skeptical on if his death was really a suicide but I was saddened to hear that he passed away. He has done so many wonderful thing in his community. This was just sad to hear. Very nice post

  2. omegetymon says:

    ‘Dear’ Ess, This, as YOU, are very nice in presentation. I THANK YOU for the visit. It’s funny that the “career” I just left include working for people like Mr. Conelius, stage work. The thing about the poem you read and the commercials played during SOUL TRAIN is that is WASN’T only Sulfa8 and Mickey-D’s SAVE-THE-CHILDREN was prominent too. You’re too young to know that. The background of WHO rode in the cars of that TRAIN is significant.
    “D”/ om

  3. Randy Thompson says:

    Yes I had hated to hear about Don Cornelius. It’s very sad when those things happen like that. But, what can we do? We can only mourn them and keep them in our memory. And it’s also sad to hear about Whitney Houston as well. I really had enjoyed her music and I also have one of her albums on cassette tape. The album is called “I’M YOUR BABY TONIGHT”. I had heard about Whitney’s passing on the radio that saturday night.

  4. Travis says:

    Excellent article, thanks.

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